History – by David O’Neill

My grandfather bought this farm in 1932. It would have been a typical mixed farming enterprise, milk cows, sheep, and root crops and some cereal for feed and sale, common at that time and for many years after.

He was a shrewd and careful farmer, thrifty as were all farmers who survived the “economic war” of the mid thirties, a real recession by all accounts, unlike any we can imagine now.

Like a lot of people, and farmers, they survived by selling milk, eggs, lamb, ect. to local townsfolk. I can only wonder at what and how the kept going, and paid their tax and rent.

My mother, with my father and I, came back to this farm in 1959 to help run the farm. I was born in Dublin and remember being asked if I would like to go to live with at grandfather’s farm after my 5th birthday. My Dad was a qualified house electrician, who loved that type of work, and he adapted back to farming, he too having been born and reared on a farm in County Wexford.